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Montaigne Trust is a 100% Swiss owned Geneva-based regulated trustee company administered by experienced lawyers.

We provide tailor-made and pragmatic solutions to protect your assets and their transmission to the next generations.

Thanks to highly compliant structures, we help safeguard your estate in a challenging and evolving world. Our clients value our long-lasting and trustful relationships.


Comprehensive solutions for individuals and entrepreneurial families with connections to Switzerland, the USA (US persons or US assets) and the Middle East are offered by Montaigne Trust.

We are committed and authorized to provide the following services.

Setup & administration of Trusts as trustee or protector

Set up and administration of revocable or irrevocable Trusts for assets protection as well as estate planning purposes.

Montaigne Trust acts as Trustee or Protector.

Setup & administration of private and/or charitable foundations

Set-up and administration of private foundations for asset protection as well as estate planning purposes.

Set-up and administration of charitable foundations.

Montaigne Trust acts as member of the Foundation Board or Protector.

Family governance

Provision of advisory services for families for the transmission of businesses and assets to the next generations.

Advisory and drafting of family governance policies and family charitable policies.

Family office

Advisory and monitoring of private investments (private equity and real estate).

Cash flow and budget management.


Montaigne Trust Ltd carries out its activities exclusively in and from Switzerland.



Affiliation & regulation

As a regulated trustee company, Montaigne Trust adheres to Switzerland’s anti-money laundering regulations and is subject to an external yearly regulatory audit.

Montaigne Trust is regulated by the SAV FSA under the supervision of the FINMA.